Bitdepositary - The World’s First Q-Ratio Market ICO Funding Community with Integrated Payment Solutions

Bitdepositary is The World's First Ultra-Secure Market ICO B Q-Ratio Funding Community with Integrated Payment Solutions. It is a revolutionary concept that will make ICO More Secure and enable users to make investments in projects quicker and easier than before.

Covering the history of the company, the business model along with information about the progress made to date, reviewing the market, technology, and customers in detail. Following this, the planned go-to-market strategy, along with the company financials will be detailed along with information about the Tokens and the Bitdepositary team.

Bitdepositary offers the possibility of for planned ICO projects to be presented and published to a panel of project managers (companies). Each project will go through meticulous checks that will involve the verification of the feasibility of the project along with numerous tests that will be conducted by tax consultants, lawyers, and other professional specialists, along with users and community users of the company. The users of the system will also be given an e-money provider that is integrated into the system and enables them to complete payments, exchanges and coins/token from within the platform/app. This gives users a secure and comprehensive way to invest, that is much quicker and easier than other solutions.

Bitdepositary Use Blockchain network ?

The blockchain is a technology introduced together with Bitcoin by one person or group that calls itself Satoshi Nakamoto which originally used this technology to record financial transactions from bitcoin.

The simple blockchain is a data structure that cannot be changed only can be added. Every data from this blockchain is connected to each other where if there is a change in one block of data it will affect the next data, Bitdepositary Platform is well suited to using this network, with its innovative approach, the Bitdepositary platform will utilize Blockchain technology as the core business model.

Mission Bitdepositary
Bitdepositary is a free marketing platform for ICO companies or creators. It is the first community platform that is secured with Salesforce, supports a multi-currency payment system, and many other benefits all in one pack. We seek to revolutionize the ICO market by building a solid community of experts in ICO projects, which will only support projects that believe they improve the quality of the market.

The Current Challenge 

Despite ICOs gaining popularity especially for the better part of 2017, investors are finding it hard to trust mere ideas, therefore, opting to place their money elsewhere. Some investors, on the other hand, lack the knowledge and experience to weigh the project viability and end up investing in weak and unrealistic ICO projects. Bitdepositary is fully armed to address the following challenges.

  • Scam ICOs.
  • Misinformed investment decisions.
  • Malicious attacks leading to stolen/lost tokens.
  • ICO Legal and Tax Compliance issues.
  • High Marketing cost for the ICO creators.

Bitdepositary Platform Overview

Bitdepositary is probably one of the best concepts you ever heard about; better than any other ICO placement services offered in the market today. It stands out in that it offers three key features on one platform:

A protection Algorithm
The first blockchain platform to use Salesforce
This gives our community and the blockchain enthusiasts a secure environment to invest and grow their knowledge in the ICO market with confidence. This will ensure that users can transact without the fear of malicious attacks and hacking.

e-Payment Feature
Bitdepositary has sought a Finance License to offer e-payment services to the platform users. The brighter part is the option to manage both crypto and Fiat money from the same account. This will enable users to make payments and exchange and store their money in different currencies from the Bitdepositary app or platform. The users can also use or store BDT, an ERC20 Standard token to invest in projects or exchange with other currencies.

Smart Contracts (Crowdfunding Feature)
The platform will bring together and build a strong blockchain community that will help identify the best projects to invest in based on their experience and ICO investment portfolio. Community members and users of the platform will benefit from the wisdom of the community by following some of the experienced users to obtain investment insights. Community users have to decide whether a project should be published on the platform through a voting system implemented through an intelligent contract.

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